Biopunk vs. real life machines

I wish biopunk was real. I guess reality for that WOULD be better than for cyberpunk.

Only it be utopian or neutral/mixed, not dark. Therefore, it would be more like bioprep!

So we could improve biology of humans by bioengineering. Like to make puberty begin later and humans to take longer to sexually mature or make women have their sexual prime before the 30’s and men to have it in the 20’s and no earlier. And to change gender differences in the brain and other things.

So I had it wrong about cyberpunk being better than biopunk, at least for reality.

But unlike the fictitious Yuuzhan Vong of Star Wars Legends(formerly called Expanded Universe), we would have no objection to mechanical and electronic technology(like cyber-machines). And we certainly wouldn’t use biotech for pain(sadomasochism).

But also, however, I might want Turing machines to make life easier. Alternatively, or also, we might want bioengineered life, emotionless, to do our work. Organic life without any sense of pleasure. Just obeys us. Again, we wouldn’t have any objection to cyber-machines.

We could still prefer organic biotechnology.

I would like to live in what I call cybioprep(cybio prefix mixes cyber and bio, while prep is utopian as punk is dystopian). The way heaven should be.

I might make some changes later. Is there anything I could add?

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